Taxation being our main background, we are specialists in tax advisory on yacht matters. Our firm only does yachting; therefore, we are specialists in European and more specifically Spanish tax regulations on yachts. The range of taxes covered by our team includes VAT, matriculation tax, transfer tax, excise duties and corporate tax, among others.

Tax advisory and tax planning

Tax always comes into play in almost every facet of a yacht purchase and operation. To avoid surprise losses related to tax, tax advice needs to be sought before. Hence, tax planning is best developed in advance. However, certain transactions may have been undertaken without proper tax planning or even without any tax planning at all. In those situations, you will need to identify tax risks and find ways to mitigate them. We are ready to meet your needs.

You may discuss with us your envisaged transactions or deals. It would be better if you could provide us with relevant draft agreements. This will help us better understand your situation and the envisaged transaction in particular, thereby identifying the relevant tax implications and recommend ways to mitigate the relevant tax risks.

Bespoke ownership structures

Our yachting specialist can advise and create tailored ownership structures that are both tax efficient and able to achieve maximum operational efficiencies. If you intend to cruise within the EU territories and more specifically in Spain, as an owner you need to consider the VAT and matriculation tax status of the yacht and whether there is the option to reduce the potential tax liability. We can offer ownership structures and leasing services which allow you to reduce the actual VAT rate.

Assistance on tax investigations

Our Tax Investigation Team will help you to achieve the best possible outcome. We will explain the process to you, advise you, negotiate with the tax authorities on your behalf and represent you at the tax tribunal. We will make the investigation more manageable for you by handling the interactions with the tax authorities on your behalf.  And we will resolve the matter with minimal fuss and cost by securing a settlement at the earliest possible date. If you need to disclose a tax problem to Spanish tax authorities, even if you are not under investigation, we can help you to secure the most advantageous terms possible.

VAT recovery services for EU & non EU companies

If your business is located outside the EU, then you will need to check if the country of claim agrees to refund VAT to businesses located in your country. This will often mean your country needs to pass a 'reciprocity' test whereby the country of claim agrees to refund provided that your own country gives refunds of an equivalent tax in return. For example, if your 'home' country has a VAT system, and provides refunds to foreign businesses, it is likely that you will be able to make a claim.



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