If you intend to buy, sell or rent a berth, talk to our team. Tax Marine’s experts, as qualified legal and tax consultants, deal with all legal and organisational matters, making sure the transfer of your berth meets all the legal requirements according to Spanish legislation.

The leasing of a mooring or berth is not a supply of goods for the purposes of VAT, as there is no transfer of any right to dispose of its owner; it is considered a supply of services. The fees charged for leasing or letting a berth in a marina or harbour will be subject to VAT at the Spanish standard rate. In certain circumstances VAT will be not applicable and Spanish transfer tax will be applicable instead.

Buying a berth might have an impact on your yacht and a potential tax liability on matriculation tax. Matriculation tax, or the non-harmonised Spanish 'special tax on certain means of transport', is levied on the registration or use of a yacht in Spain. It applies to pleasure craft over 8 metres (21 feet) in length. The concept of "use" refers to the use of the yacht in Spanish waters by a person resident (or with a permanent establishment) in Spain where no application for registration of the yacht in Spain has been made within 30 days of the commencement of use. Matriculation tax is levied at 12% on the value of the yacht.

Our firm can assist with appropriate tax planning to minimize the risks stated above, as well as drafting and review of berth contracts and the setup of the necessary vehicles to hold your investment.

Let us know what you have in mind – regardless of whether you want to rent a berth or are planning a long-term investment. As a local company we have an excellent knowledge of the current situation of the berth market in Spain and we can help you either in mainland Spain or the Balearic Islands.


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